September 14, 2021

What Kind of Injections Can Be Used for Back Pain?

Back pain is a debilitating condition that can impact you negatively. If you are diagnosed with back pain, your physician may take key steps to ensure that you are relieved of back pain quickly and effectively. Normally, the doctor would consider exercise, physical therapy, and medication as the available treatment options. 

However, to ensure that you are relieved of back pain effectively, your doctor may include injections that help ease the pain and inflammation. These injections are imperative because they consist of a steroid and numbing medicine, which set out to treat any inflammation or damage to a nerve and spinal stenosis(a narrowed spine).

That said, here’s an elucidation of the types of injections used for back pain.

Injections for Back Pain

Epidural Steroid Injections

The term “epidural” means “around the spinal cord.” Thus, they are often administered around the spinal cord. However, they are considered effective in the management of sciatica and lower back pain.

The Procedure

In order to administer the epidural injection, your physician begins by numbing your skin with a local anesthetic. Fluoroscopy is normally used to guide the needle containing steroid medicine(corticosteroid)into the nerve root- making the procedure easier and pain-free.

However, it is imperative to note that epidural injections don’t have a long-lasting effect. Rather, they offer modest pain relief. Therefore, your doctor may recommend you to go back for additional injections.

Nerve Root Injections

This is a common type of injection that is often used to treat back pain. For effective pain relief, doctors utilize both anti-inflammatory steroids and an anesthetic known as Lidocaine.

The Procedure

Before administering nerve root injections, your doctor begins by determining the nerve contributing to your back pain. After the source is established, a local anesthetic is administered prior to the nerve root injection. Lidocaine is then introduced to numb the nerve roots, thus relieving pain.

Also, the steroid used during the procedure sets out to reduce any inflammation or pain caused by the pressure on the nerve root.

Facet Joint Injections

This is another common type of injection used to treat back pain. It primarily focuses on the facet joints located along the spinal cord-between each set of vertebrae. 

The Procedure

Like the other injections, facet joint injections are also administered using a local anesthetic and steroids. A rather quick procedure is undertaken whereby the doctor administers the local anesthetic and steroid directly into the facet joint.

The whole procedure takes approximately fifteen minutes, but it is accompanied by immediate pain relief with a long-lasting effect.

Potential Side effects

The side effects that potentially characterize these injections include:

  • Mild soreness at the site of the injection
  • Headache
  • Nausea

Need Help?

Back pain can be unbearable, especially if left untreated. If you suffer from back pain or any pain, it is imperative to seek help for pain relief immediately.

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September 14, 2021


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