cellular therapy

cellular therapy

to treat many neurological and chronic pain conditions

to treat many neurological and chronic pain conditions

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Experience the BrioMD Difference

Experience the BrioMD Difference

We are dedicated to improving the health of patients under our care through the safest and most advanced treatments in the world.

Start living again.

About BrioMD

A more effective treatment option

Until now the only treatment options for your condition may have been surgery or on-going use of medications or other therapies. Fortunately, BrioMD may provide a more effective treatment option for you.

Our patented process uses your own cells without adding any enzymes or growth factors. You can experience the healing benefits of cellular therapy within a single office visit.

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We Treat a Variety of Conditions


Chronic Pain


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Our Process

Our advanced patented process involves removing cells from the patient’s body. Once collected, these cells are cleansed and concentrated in an FDA registered and inspected lab. These cells are stored according to the therapy protocol assigned by a trained physician. All therapy is conducted under the direct supervision of your trained Physician.

Improved Outcomes

  • Improvement of chronic pain

  • Reduction of medications
  • Repair to damaged tissue
  • Improved immune system function
  • Improved mobility
  • Increased energy and activity levels
  • Improved metabolism

Our advanced, patented process currently produces the highest concentration of cells that have been reported without the use of a culture or enzymes. BrioMD does NOT grow, culture, or manipulate cells which reduces potential complications, making us unique from other high cell count therapies. We are the first company to patent these treatment and therapy protocols.

Our formulated patents and guidelines allow us to treat conditions with unprecedented cell numbers and the most effective results to date. Our number one priority is your safety and confidence in your outcomes.

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