Patient Success Stories

I played four years of football at a University and one year of pro. I suffered many concussions and nagging injuries. After using SouthernCare I can say I think clearly and wake up daily with no joint pain. This procedure has been life changing.

After going to the doctor for multiple reasons such as neck pain and headaches. I was suggested to stop working out and just be a normal adult. Then I found SouthernCare and now workout and run daily with no pain. Thank You SouthernCare & BrioMD

Verified Patient

Dr. Cole has helped me more than any doctor I’ve ever seen for my chronic migraines. His staff is awesome and he has some of the best nurses I’ve ever had!

S. Jones

I have been seeing Dr. Cole for several years with fibromyalgia, chronic pain syndrome, migraine and pain in/at all tendons with muscles constricted. He has helped tremendously in making my pain more manageable. Although I will never be without pain, the treatment he is prescribing is the same treatment I would receive at any national hospital or clinics. He and the staff are very compassionate.

Barbara in Hattiesburg

Dr. Cole is the smartest Neurologist, by far, I have ever seen… And I have seen 3 over the past 25 years. However, he’s the most knowledgeable when it comes to Migraine headaches and Pain Management. He offers Ketamine treatment in his office and it is an old technique that was used for rich people only. Dr. Cole makes it affordable for his patients because HE REALLY WANTS THEM TO GET BETTER!

WebMD Review

Dr. Alan Cole is one of the best doctors I’ve ever seen. Extremely knowledgeable, great bedside manner. I have a weird, rare health disorder that causes a lot of random, unpredictable issues. He’s been able to successfully treat almost anything that my health has thrown my way.

B. Adcox