August 3, 2022

The Latest Technology for Hip Pain: Cellular Therapy

Hip pain can be excruciating and disruptive to your daily life. You may not be able to go about your normal daily activities and hobbies, and you might even lose interest in the things you love due to the irritation in your hip area. If you’re experiencing hip pain, there are numerous ways that you can treat it, ranging from physical therapy to surgical procedures. However, we believe cellular therapy is the best treatment for hip pain. 

Therefore, this article will look at cellular therapy and why it’s the best way to treat your pain.

What Is Cellular Therapy?

Cellular therapy is a regenerative medicine that uses the patient’s cells to repair and regenerate tissue. The cells are usually taken from the patient’s bone marrow or fat tissue and injected into the injury site. In addition, cellular therapy can be used with other treatments like physical therapy and medication to help heal damaged joints.

Why It Works to Treat Hip Pain

When you have hip pain, finding a treatment that works can be challenging. You may have tried physical therapy, medication, and even surgery, but nothing seems to help. That’s where cellular therapy comes in. This new treatment is based on using your body’s cells to repair and regenerate tissue. That means it can potentially help your body heal itself from the inside out. And best of all, it’s minimally invasive and has few side effects.

How the Treatment Is Done

Cellular therapy is a new, cutting-edge treatment for hip pain. This therapy uses the patient’s cells to help repair and regenerate damaged tissue. The procedure takes a sample of the patient’s blood and injects it into the hip joint. The blood cells help reduce inflammation and pain and promote healing. 

This treatment is still in the early stages of research, but it shows promise for those who suffer from hip pain. With this type of pain, patients often report significant improvement after just one or two treatments. Unfortunately, it’s not yet available everywhere, but as word spreads about its benefits, more doctors will choose to offer this treatment to their patients.

Side Effects

While cellular therapy has many potential benefits, it’s essential to be aware of the possible side effects before undergoing treatment. These can include pain at the injection site, swelling, bruising, and headaches. More severe side effects, such as infection or nerve damage, can occur in rare cases. However, these are typically associated with more invasive procedures such as surgery. If you’re considering cellular therapy for your hip pain, discuss the risks and benefits with your doctor.

Evidence behind Effectiveness

A recent study published in the Journal of Orthopedic Research found that a single injection of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) effectively reduced hip pain and improved function in patients with osteoarthritis. MSCs are a type of cell that can differentiate into other types of cells, including cartilage-forming cells. This study proves that cellular therapy may be a promising treatment option for hip pain. 

In addition, the researchers used MRI to assess the effect of this single injection on patients’ joints. They found that while MSC injections alone did not significantly change joint space width or articular cartilage thickness, both variables were significantly improved after surgical treatment. In short, these findings suggest that stem cell injections could act as an adjunct to surgery and provide some relief from hip pain post-surgery.

Final Thoughts

If you’re suffering from hip pain, you may wonder if there’s anything that can be done to help. You may have heard of cellular therapy and wondered if it could be the answer to your prayers. The good news is that cellular therapy is a promising new treatment for hip pain. This treatment involves injecting healthy cells into the affected area to promote healing. While more research is needed, early studies are promising and show that cellular therapy may relieve those suffering from hip pain.

At BrioMD, we offer an array of regenerative medicine and interventional pain management techniques to our patients who suffer from chronic back or neck pain. Our unique combination of treatments has helped thousands of people worldwide find relief in their day-to-day lives, regardless of their specific needs. So whether you’re experiencing lower back pain due to a slipped disc or upper back/neck pain due to degenerative discs or herniated discs, we’ve got a solution for you!

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August 3, 2022


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