Things to Know About Chronic Back Pain


A pain in your back? Back pain is considered chronic if it continues for 12 weeks or more after the initial injury or cause is treated. About 20% of people affected by acute (short-term) back pain develop chronic back pain.

Back Pain Relief with Kyphoplasty


A vertebral fracture or a break in one of the spinal vertebrae is a condition that can make it difficult for individuals to move freely. When a vertebral break occurs the bone fragments may rub against each other, resulting in debilitating pain.

Types of Sciatic Nerve Pain


Sciatica is a term used for any pain or symptom that causes numbness or sensation like tingling along the sciatic nerve.  This means sciatic nerve pain isn’t a true diagnosis, but a description of the pain you are experiencing that can help doctors properly assess your pain to determine a source. 

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