August 11, 2021

How Pain Medication Can Worsen Chronic Pain

Going by CDC’s report on America’s opioid epidemic, it is evident that opioid sale and usage has increased four times since 1999.  The report has since compelled pharmaceutical companies, doctors, and even insurance companies to draw the line as to who can benefit from pain killers and how long they can keep up with pain killers. From the risks of overdependence to worsening chronic pain, opioids may attract a wide range of health complications. Here is how overdependence on opioids may aggravate your chronic pain.

How Pain Medicine Can Worsen Chronic Pain

Pain Relievers Can Disguise Your Emotional Pain and Suffering

Pain is your body’s way of informing you that your injury or condition needs urgent attention. As it takes a toll on your body, experiencing trauma becomes inevitable. Any amount of pain is enough to remind you about what happened. By taking opioids, your brain temporarily forgets about the emotional pain and trauma. If you cut back on your pain reliever use, your pain and suffering get aggravated. 

Whether your chronic pain is three months or four years old, the trauma can put your nervous system on high alert. Anytime you anticipate pain, your nerves get turned on even if your brain is relaxed. Over time, you may develop complications like anxiety and sleep disorders. When going for pain management, it would be best to seek psychotherapy services as well.

Pain Medicine Doesn’t Build Your Endurance for Difficult Circumstances

If you have been wondering why some people manage pain after an injury better than others, chances are it could be their resilient nature. While opioids can take away pain regardless of its cause, overdependence might lead to tolerance and anxiety. According to pain doctors, one of the best pain-relieving remedies is elevating your moods. When you have high hopes of recovering, your body releases feel-good hormones (endorphins), which help cells to address pain behind the scenes.

Pain Medication Limits Your Motion in Response to Pain

When you have neck or back pain, your immediate response is to stay inactive until it subsides. However, gentle and frequent motion can increase your chances of fighting pain. Mobility and motion work by triggering your body’s ability to lubricate your joints through natural fluids. Through physiotherapy, your body can learn how to enhance its strength and flexibility. Other motion-friendly therapies can include yoga and aromatherapy. You can only practice these exercises under the watchful eye of your chiropractor, yoga specialist, or physiotherapist. 

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August 11, 2021


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