June 22, 2022

4 Common Hand and Wrist Injuries

The hand and wrist have so many bones, ligaments, joints, and tendons, for their proper functioning. It makes them more prone to injuries, affecting daily activities like brushing teeth, bathing, preparing meals, driving, and working.

Hand and wrist injuries are common and can range from mild to severe. Most people do not seek treatment, but these injuries require an examination since a lack of a proper diagnosis and treatment can result in joint stiffness and permanent disability.

Risk Factors For Hand and Wrist Injuries

Some things can put you at risk of getting hand and wrist injuries. They include;

  • Sports like basketball and falling while skateboarding
  • Repetitive hand motions like typing on a keyboard and using power tools
  • Diseases like rheumatoid arthritis

Common Hand and Wrist Injuries

1. Sprains

The sprains are injuries that involve the stretching or tearing of the ligaments. Sprains can result from falling or trauma, ranging from a minor tear to a complete rupture.

Thumb sprain

Thumb sprains occur when ligaments within your thumb joint tear or stretch. They happen when your thumb overstretches or bends away from your palm. Treatment involves rest, splint, or surgery, depending on the severity.

Wrist sprain

A wrist sprain sends many people to the emergency room for help. They mainly occur after high impact falls onto an outstretched hand. These sprains occur when ligaments connecting the bones in your wrist stretch or get torn.

2. Hand Fractures

The fractures are a full or partial break in the continuity of a bone that occurs due to high force impact or stress on bones. They can also result from medical conditions that cause bone weakness, like osteoporosis and cancer.

A hand fracture is the breaking of one or more of the bones in the hand that occurs due to a fall, crush injury, or twist injury.

The hand has two types of bones;

  • Phalanges:- the small bones that form the thumb and fingers
  • Metacarpals:- the bones located on the palm

People who play contact sports are at a higher risk of getting hand fractures.

Finger fracture

A finger fracture occurs when one or more bones on the finger break. These fractures can result from;

  • Injuries when you stop a fall with your hand
  • Getting hit by a fast-moving object.
  • Slamming your fingers in a door
  • Trauma caused by car accidents

Sometimes finger fractures occur together with wrist fractures.

Wrist fracture

A wrist fracture is a break of one or more bones on your wrist that commonly occur when you outstretch your hand during a fall. It is a common injury in people who play sports like snowboarding and skating.

3. Finger  Dislocation

A finger dislocation is hand injury that can occur at the finger joints. These joints are;

It is usually a result of overstretching or high-impact activities.

4. Soft tissue and closed tendon injuries

These are injuries to the muscles, ligaments, and tendons due to overuse or blunt traumas. They can also occur due to sudden unexpected movements. Symptoms include slow or immediate swelling, stiffness, and bruising.

Final Thoughts

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June 22, 2022


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