BrioMD Treatment Process

The BrioMD cellular therapy treatment is minimally invasive and essentially pain-free. The harvest takes about an hour and the therapy takes about three hours.

Overview of Cellular Therapy

Step 1: Meet Your Treatment Team

When you arrive for your evaluation, you will meet your physician to discuss your medical conditions and get answers to any questions you may have about the treatment process.

Step 2: Procedure

The harvest of the perivascular cells is a 60-minute procedure. Your physician takes approximately two ounces of Perivascular Fraction from beneath the skin of your abdomen, side, or back under local anesthetic. The process is relatively pain-free.

Step 3: Preparation

Your cells are isolated using our patented process in a FDA Registered and Inspected lab. Our process yields a much greater number and concentration of cells than any process or procedure available today. This is done WITHOUT expanding, culturing or manipulating your cells.

Step 4: Treatment

Depending on your medical condition, your therapy typically takes 2-3 hours to complete. Your physician will discuss your individualized treatment regimen with you. This can range from 1 -10 treatments over several weeks.


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